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How did egypt became a muslim country

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Before the Muslim conquest of Egypt or Arab conquest of Egypt, Egypt was part of the .. Even if this did not keep them away, it would weaken them morally and physically. . Within a space of two years the country had come entirely under Arab rule. It grew to become a bustling city and the commercial centre of Egypt. Republic, –present. Flag of Egypt portal · v · t · e. The Mosque of Amr ibn al-As in modern-day Cairo. The Islamization of Egypt occurred as a result of the Muslim conquest by the Arabs led by Amr Ancient Egypt These factors resulted in Muslims becoming a majority in Egypt between 10th and 14th century, . Had anyone in ancient Egypt ever doubted their own religion? and now the Copts could easily convert to Islam and become a Muslim (it marked the end of.

Arabic did not displace Greek as the official language of state until , and there Egypt also became a base for Arab-Muslim expansion by both land and sea. I am not Coptic yet but i want answer before Arabs was christian become muslim what Century?How?. of Religion in Egypt: Ancient, Coptic Christianity & Islam became preeminent over the others, including first century C.E., when the country was part of the.

The Arab conquest of Egypt was complete in , and I think is safe to say So sometime in the 9th century Egypt become majority Muslim. They entered the country to subdue it and bring it under their dominion. .. Anxious that the governors in Egypt did not become independent and break away. when did the Copts become a minority in Egypt and the Muslims a majority, . generalization that Islam now spread among the Copts throughout the country. Egyptian nationalism, led by Zaghlul Pasha and the Wafd Party, forced Britain to relinquish its claims on the country. Egypt became an independent sovereign.