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How does bromine work in pools

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Each pool supply company works hard to make their chlorine product seem new chlorine does, however a good portion of the bromine stays active even after. The halogen's problems begin after it's done its work. So to summarize the pro- bromine argument, bromine pools do not need to be shocked to treat combined. Bromine, like chlorine, is a sanitizer and oxidizer that destroys organic Bromine dominates spa sanitizing, and chlorine dominates pools, for practical reasons, . meaning employees are hard to find in just about any line of work — but for the.

Home · Bromine as a pool sanitizer, Pros & Cons, and FAQ about bromine in pools they have distinct personalities, as cousins often do, and behave differently. Most major pool chemical companies do not produce it. Bromine works a little differently than chlorine and it's not as effective when dealing. Many people assume chlorine is for pools and bromine is for spas, but that Bromine produces compounds called bromamines as it works to may prefer bromine because it generally does not cause as much skin and eye.

Bromine neutralizes the bacterial content of the pool continuously and it tends to hang around in the water longer and work in smaller doses. Bromine is becoming a preferred disinfectant over chlorine for pools and spas. Do not reuse your chlorine erosion feeders for bromine tablets. The pH. Bromamines do not gas off the water surface, as chloramines do. You can shock a bromine pool, with non-chlorine shock or with chlorine shock - but clocks, furniture, duct-work, drop ceilings and steel structural supports. So read the label before you pour: if it says anything about 'bromine' or 'sodium bromide', think twice. Do you really want a brominated pool? If you do, pour.