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How to create listener in oracle 10gr2

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This chapter describes how to configure the listener to accept client connections. A version 10 listener is required for an Oracle Database 10g database. Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonSeptember 3, Question: I need to understand how to configure multiple listeners, and learn the difference. Today we will explore how to create database listener services using NETCA command, this can also be achieved using NETMGR command but here we will.

In its most basic form, Oracle uses three files (, & sqlnet. ora) for These are created when database instances auto-register with it. I have installed Oracle Database on windows NT, But i am not able to bring the listener up there is a 9i database with its listener. so i got this 9i listener . The listener configuration is stored in the configuration file named db/oracle/ · Last modified: /09/06 by gerardnico . Oracle Database - How to create a time dimension table in Sql? Oracle Oracle Database - Installation Oracle Database 10gR2 on Windows · Oracle Database.

Moving the initialization file to shared disks (Oracle 10g and 11g) · Setting the To create and configure an Oracle database and a listener. and changed a number of default settings to make the Listener more secure by default. However . Since Oracle 10g, the Listener by default cannot be remotely . But what if I have one server machine with two Oracle databases and I want to add two . Now another listener to configure for 10g database.