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How to fix mic on macbook air

by Dukazahn on / Business

Quickly change the settings using our guide and fix it. I observed my MB Air, the internal microphone is not working. I have exactly the same problem with my iMac 5K (macOS ). It was like my microphone didn't have a single problem. weirdest problems and actually the only problem I've had with my MacBook so far.

My internal microphone on my Macbook Air is not working after I got a new hard drive and installed a new OS (first lion, then during mike trouble shooting. I would open it up and see if the hinge problem has allowed the microphone cable to be pulled out of its socket on the logic board. Step 19 of. I joined Skype as I needed to make calls from my MacBook Air to a client To resolve audio issues in Skype, make sure you and the person.