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How to split landscape blocks

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When constructing a block retaining wall, it's often necessary to install filler blocks and create uniform vertical lines at the ends of the wall. Whether you're constructing a dry-stack wall that doesn't require mortar, or a traditional block wall using mortar, splitting blocks. Block retaining walls, when properly constructed, serve as practical, attractive and enduring landscape features. As part of the installation process, you will likely. When you build a retaining wall, offset the blocks to give the wall more stability. This means to position a full block directly over the space where two blocks meet.

This video describes the process of split and cutting concrete blocks. For splitting concrete blocks, a hammer as well as a chisel are required. Yes that is the way to do it without a cutoff blade, it is old school. But you must chisel in deep enough, completely around the block that is. Get inspired by Bunning's landscaping ideas and transform your garden today. Visit our site for tutorials on creating beautiful garden paths & patios.

Retaining wall blocks can be cut using a masonry chisel and mallet, but for the topper stones you may want to spring for a diamond blade masonry saw. Similar .