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When does college 2nd semester ends

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An academic year has two regular semesters of spring and fall which are 16 19 , Second quarter of spring semester ends, Last day to withdraw from courses. Semester Ends / Summer and Fall Commencement ceremonies Fee is added if withdrawing from all courses during the first 10 days of the term). Fall Semester Classes Begin: Monday, August 18, ; Labor Day, No Classes: Monday, September 1; Thanksgiving Recess, No.

An academic term (or simply term) is a portion of an academic year, the time during which an . In Brazilian universities academic terms are defined as periods or semesters .. The second semester is closed at the end of the school year. 09/14/, Last day to drop classes without academic grade – full semester 10/08/, Last day to withdraw from college – Early Finish 7 Week classes. 05/14/ to 08/26/ Semester. Fall. Year. Session. 2nd 8 week . Title Registration for fall week session ends, Date Duration or Deadline Title Summer payment plans are available until Wednesday, May 29, , 5 p.m.

Each student's individual schedule of classes will show exact refund dates for Oct. End of 1st 8-Week Classes; Thu., Oct. 2nd 8-Week Classes Begin. NOTES: To access the calendar, click here. dates are subject to change. Last Day to Apply for Readmission for the Fall Semester. Monday, 1st, College Closed. Tuesday, 2nd Tuesday, 2nd, Winter Term 2 Classes % Refund Deadline. Thursday Saturday, 19th, Spring Semester Ends. The fall semester begins in September, and the spring semester begins in January. Summer terms are held between May and August. This calendar reflects .