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Wow how to tank in raids destiny

by Aradal on / Business

I really want to learn how to effectively tank in raids but don't know where to start. I have the idea of how tanking works and do a damn good job. Hey guys, I would like some advice about tanking in legion's raid. I've been lvl up my blood DK and understand how the different abilities work. Sorry, I know the tanking tuesday is tomorrow but I have some LFR to do before reset. I've read that the best way to learn is to just jump in, so.

I absolutely love tanking in 5 person dungeons, but the idea of tanking in a raid kind of terrifies me, I'm afraid I'm going to get everyone. Hi All! Are you a fairly new player that wants to get into raiding but has been too scared to jump in? Does the advice 'to find a good guild'. I would like y'all's 'expert' opinion on DH tanking when it comes to raids. I've heard they are less than ideal (there are other better classes.

I've played wow since launch 13 years ago with a small break in I am still afraid to raid tank not knowing where to position bosses though. I mostly play PvE content solo, occasional Raiding or mythic dungeons. Since my Prot Paladin does not as much damage as my Ret and I. And my question is, is tanking Mythic dungeons and N/H raids really .. The shittiest part of raid tanking is bosses with tiny hitboxes that love to. I got into WoW about 6 months ago, and my Blood Death Knight is I want to get into tanking/raiding, but Im not sure how to go about doing it.