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Your rights when arrested in nsw

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Police have the power to arrest a person in NSW under the Law Enforcement ( Powers and Responsibilities) Act Read our article to know more. Your rights and responsibilities. Police have a lot of powers to help them carry out their work. Most of these powers are set out in legislation. Police in the past had limited powers to demand identification from you, in the street. However, a number of Australian laws have expanded these powers.

Read about Your Rights & Obligations when dealing with NSW Police - How the media gets it wrong! on the Owen Hodge Lawyers Blog today!. Understand your rights if you have been arrested. Our Criminal Lawyers in Sydney can help you, if you have been charged and are under arrest. Call A police officer may arrest you if: They suspect on reasonable grounds that you for your arrest They have stopped you for a breach of the peace (threatening.

You should be aware of your rights when dealing with NSW police - From being approached by police to being arrested Australia Criminal. This detailed article details your rights in relation to criminal law in NSW and what powers the police have in relation to searching you and. For example, if you break the law in New South Wales and then come to Queensland, a warrant for your arrest may be prepared in NSW but you may be arrested. As a general rule, there are no “Miranda” rights in Australia. However, there is an obligation on police to caution a person that their statements may be used in.