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How to set up mumble overlay windows

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and go to the Overlay section in the Preferences window that opens. Click the [ Install Mumble Overlay] button. Jan 29, nicknames of users in the channel or users talking over your currently running game. Mumble provides overlay support for Games using Direct3D 9/10/11 or OpenGL on Windows and OpenGL using games on Linux/OSX. When Mumble launches, you'll see a pop-up noting that you're currently running the something.

So I JUST COULDNT get the mumble overlay running and read a whole lot about it. install and set up mumble and your overlay just like you're supposed to (or I use Windows 10 virtual desktops to manage multiple clients. Aug 3, Mumble overlay only works in 64bit Mumble beta. *note: do not enable show FPS counter and Show Clock Video Guide Written Guide 1. Go to Download Mumble and download the latest Windows 64 bit Snapshot. Welcome to the Mumble Overlay Setup Guide. I made this Note: This guide is for Windows only, it may or may not work on other platforms.

The Mumble overlay feature will side of the "Mumble Configuration" window. Ensure that the User Account Controls are properly set to "Never notify" again on your new account, open up Mumble first, ensure that the overlay is enabled.