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Lingor island dayz tutorial how to play

by Yozshugal on / Entertainment & Arts

Stay updated! ; Ever since Lingor Island came out I have wanted to play it. All the other tutorials I have followed have not been very in depth. Easiest Way To Install DayZ Lingor Mod - or any Arma 2 Mod PlayWithSix The I 'm trying to find the latest tutorial on how/where to install lingor island. .. So, as I am fairly new to DayZ, and just started playing Lingor Island. Lingor Island is a South-American inspired tropical map used on the latest DayZ patch and the latest beta patch (you need this to play the.

DayZ – Hunger Games – Lingor Island Lingor Island Adventures part II. blinklaurent 5 years ago [FR] DayZ | Hors-Serie / LINGOR | Episode 1 | p. DayZ Lingor Island Tutorial. Download these three Lingor Island files: Absolutely, I wouldn't be playing it if not for Cherry's help. Thank you. This is a guide and some tips for new players to DayZ and who never played the mod. (important>Staying Alive) **Tip #1**: FLASHLIGHTS.