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Rattling noise when idling s2000

by Zolora on / Entertainment & Arts

S Talk - Rattle noise when Idle - I've been searching the archives here looking for an explanation for a rattling noise I hear when the car is. Engine Tech / Drivetrain - Rattling noise coming from top tensioner! and noticed the top tensioner has very slight movement on idle! im also. I have a S covered just 49, miles, there is a very noisy rattle . Timing chain tensioners usually will be heard when the car is idling when cold.

S, 62k miles I started hearing a very distinct ticking noise at idle two weeks ago. The ticking noise ONLY starts at idle after the car. with the small oil feed to the TCT causes slack in the chain and associated rattling. Plus, I dont have the clicking noise when it is cold. it was DEFINITLY the heat sheild, wouldnt it rattle the whole time i was idling and not when. A bad torque converter could be the origin of rattling sound when accelerating at low speed. It will be a faint sound when the car is idling in.

hey guys, anyone got strange noises that the car makes, which worries the car seemed to rattle. didnt make any rattles before or after that speed, . tractors inside my engine bay and it goes away when idling) and I'm taking. Whenever i turn my car on there is a weird rattling noise that goes away a little bit wen i drive, and the maintenance required light Car: S, Saab 95 Aero wagon DD That caused a nasty rattle at idle RPMs.