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Sql anywhere case statement

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The CASE expression provides conditional SQL expressions. Case expressions can be used anywhere an expression can be used. The syntax of the CASE. CASE statement statement classifies the products listed in the Products table of the SQL Anywhere sample database into one of shirt, hat, shorts, or unknown. There are syntax errors in your query: SELECT CASE WHEN LIKE '% Moderate to severe aortic stenosis%' THEN 'Moderate to.

Why does the case expression ignore the condition I have to catch null values? With this test table: create table AATest (ID integer, Code. The main purpose of a CASE expression is to return a value based on one or more conditional tests. CASE expressions can be used anywhere in a SQL. Syntax. You can place a CASE expression anywhere an expression is allowed. It chooses an expression to evaluate based on a boolean test. CASE WHEN.

CASE Statements and Expressions The CASE statement allows you to select one Associates each of one or more sequences of PL/SQL statements with a value. . You can use a CASE expression anywhere you can use any other type of. Elements of SQL Statements: Expressions in SQL: CASE Expressions Case expressions provide a decoding capability that allows one expression to Case expressions can appear anywhere that other forms of expressions can be used. The CASE expression is part of the standard SQL syntax. A CASE expression can be used anywhere where you can place a column expression (or Field).