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What does a clenched fist mean

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The raised fist, or the clenched fist, is a symbol of solidarity and support. It is also used as a Depending on the elements combined, the meaning of the gesture changes in tone and intention. For example, a hammer and sickle combined with . clenched fist meaning body language. So what exactly does that gesture mean and why does it appear in situations that might seem different or unrelated?. a hand with the fingers clenched in the palm (as for hitting).

this gesture—the raising of a closed fist as a sign of black power—did to form a collective, and often more effective, means of resistance. Define clenched fist. clenched fist synonyms, clenched fist pronunciation, clenched fist translation, English dictionary definition of clenched fist. Noun 1. clenched. What does clenched fist sign mean? in angina pectoris, pressing of the clenched fist against the chest to indicate the constricting, pressing quality of the pain.

Thumbs up, fingers crossed, bunny ears, clenched fist Why do we make these hand gestures? How did they come to mean what they do?. J Hand Surg Am. Sep;5(5) The clenched fist syndrome. Simmons BP , Vasile RG. The clenched fist syndrome is an entity in which the patient keeps. Definition of CLENCHED FIST in the dictionary. the size of the palm of your hand and starch should be about the size of your clenched fist.