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What is an aop deductible

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All policies have an All Other Peril “AOP” deductible. This applies to losses or claims that are not involving storms or wind and hail damage (fire, smoke, vehicle . The homeowners insurance deductible works similarly to auto insurance; All Other Peril (AOP) Deductible: any peril covered under the policy. The most common type of deductible is an “All Other Perils” (a.k.a. AOP) Deductible. This is found on every homeowner's insurance policy.

The All Other Peril, or AOP, deductible is usually a flat dollar amount. The AOP deductible applies to covered damages to your property such as lightning, fire. Deductibles: All Florida homeowner's policies have two deductibles, the “All Other Perils” (AOP) deductible and the Hurricane deductible. AOP Deductible This. A deductible is the portion of the claim that is the policyholder's responsibility to pay. In Florida, there is an “All Other Perils” (AOP) deductible and a “Hurricane”.

ALL OTHER PERIL (AOP) DEDUCTIBLE Set amount that is applied to all covered losses other than hurricane losses. The second deductible applies only to. Most homeowner policies in Florida have a separate deductible for Instead, the All Other Perils (AOP) deductible will apply for each. firstly what is an all the other premium (AOP) deductible? This deductible is for non-hurricane related claims like fire, burglary, vandalism. Hurricane deductibles are a percentage of your Coverage A If you did meet your hurricane deductible, then the AOP deductible will apply for.