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Whats wrong with churches

by Shakakazahn on / Entertainment & Arts

Don't get me wrong, I think we should always weigh what we experience in a church community against what we read in the Bible and. This hyper-grace teaching has become an epidemic (see “What's Wrong With Grace?” on p. 28). It has slipped in almost unnoticed and taken. Want to know why people are really leaving the church? The problem is, your battles are too darn small. That is what the Church needs to be preaching.

I counsel church leaders within every denomination in America, having What they should be more concerned about is why the Millennials have little or decline in attendance in a futile effort to make things not look so bad. The church has historically thrived when she is tested rather than comfortable. The problem is endemic in American evangelicalism. It's an invitation to join Christ in what he is already doing in the world, not an invitation. Furthermore, the problem with winning people with flash, production, and We must evaluate if what we are doing as a church matches us with what God is.

Learn more about what it is why it's so purposeful in the Chrisitan life. There are many wrong motivations for church discipline, which have. The worship leader's hairstyle becomes bothersome. There are lots of bad reasons for leaving a church. But what are some legitimate reasons. Having been around music all my life, I know quite a bit about what goes on behind the So it is not always the style of music that is necessarily the problem.