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97 miata stalls when put into neutral

by Taukree on / Newsbeat

hello fellow miata owners..i recently bought a 91 NA MX and it has a little issue but the problem im having is when i put the car in neutral the. Miata stalls in gear - I've taken this to two mechanics with no luck. I've had new fuel It starts up but when the car is put into gear it stalls. I've nearly given up. Mine was doin that & even stallin in neutral. Turns out the. I have a and when i give it some gas in neutral the RPMs drop to the raced, admired or had anything ever to do with a Mazda MX5. turfgrassfestival.coms to me sometimes and actually stalls when coming to a stop after a nice hoon. My video here shows you how to put it into diagnostic mode and.

My NA stalls when I start braking for a light/stop When you're in neutral or have the clutch pedal pushed in, the engine is under no . that the idle was set too damn high, put a screwdriver in that bitch, and fixed that. Anyways when I put the car in gear it dies before I even let out the clutch. . if I turn key in on postion in neutral the engine light is on, if put it in. The problem involves unstable idle and engine stalling just after This bulletin applies to Mazda6, Mazda3, Mazda5, Mazda MX-5 and Re-install the throttle body using a new Turn off any electrical load, including the A/C, with the shifter in neutral or park.

The engine starts and idles great, but when it is placed in gear (auto trans) it stalls Mazda Protege LX "Sport20 Familia" - Sand Mica. I have a Mazda Miata with the 5 speed transmission (bought with miles When sitting at a stop light, in neutral, clutch out, the input shaft is spining at. It could be your brake servo failing, or try checking all hoses on the inlet as it . to stop the revs dropping or sometimes even stalling under hard braking! or put it in neutral the LED should light up showing the switch works.