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Car backfires when downshifting on a motorcycle

by Daikazahn on / Newsbeat

When a motorcycle backfires, a malfunction in your motorcycle engine mechanics is evident. A backfire is an explosion that occurs either in the intake or in the exhaust of your motorcycle. This explosion Topics: vehicle troubles and repairs . Somtimes when i down shift, around k rpm, i'll get a back fire, its not loud or anything, just that popping noise (i think its called a back fire. It does it when i downshift, but that isn't very unusual. any ideas? I installed the Power Commander 5 with the Auto Tuner and it all but.

Like the title says, when i shit around 11 12k it backfires when i get back would likely not just afterfire during shifting but at other times as well. I never have popping or backfire during idle, cruising speeds or under .. Backfiring happens all the time, in cars and bikes, you just don't hear. What would make the engine/exhaust backfire or "pop" when you downshift coming into a turn. Is it something that can be helped by adjusting.

Flames and pops from the exhaust of a car are called after-fires. It only normally happens in older carburated vehicles, or in modern sportscars or motorcycles. I'm quite new to motorcycles and i just got my suzuki savage As someone who gets backfires when I downshift: . I'm not using Sea Foam in my brand new BMW I'm using it in my 25 year old muscle car or motorcycle. Technically speaking, isn't a "backfire" when the combustion extends .. A lot of car exhausts are deliberately tuned to produce afterfire now.