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How did the daulatpur saturia tornado form

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The Daulatpur–Saturia, Bangladesh tornado occurred in the Manikganj District, Bangladesh on Saturia and Manikganj were both completely destroyed by the tornado. The tornado was km (1 mi) wide for most of its path, reaching a. The wind speeds of the Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado were over the charts. Thus, made many deaths occur because of either debris or unstable. Before a tornado: As a family you should have a disaster plan. Everyone should be aware in case a tornado does happen. Your family should.

Daulatpur–Saturia tornado The Daulatpur–Saturia, Bangladesh tornado [3] Approximately 80, people were left homeless by the storm, and 12, . Most tornadoes form in the U.S., although some events may take place internationally. The Daulatpur - Saturia Tornado of Bangladesh occurred April 26, in the Dhaka Every home within a six kilometer area of the tornado were completely or. Saturia and Manikganj were both fully destroyed by the tornado. How does a tornado occur? 3 | Page Tornadoes are formed when cool air descends and forms.

What became known as the Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado struck at around local time. Countless trees were uprooted and all dwellings. It swept eastward from the Daulatpur area into the severely drought-stricken areas of Saturia and Manikganj Sadar, cutting a swath 10 miles (16 kilometers) long. Around 1, people were killed and 80, were left homeless. Trees were Timeline of major events during Daulatpur-Saturia tornado in -; -; -; -; -; -; -.