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How ken burns star wars

by Gule on / Newsbeat

As anyone who follows this blog in even a cursory fashion knows, two of the things I love most are Ken Burns documentaries and the “Star. The latest version comes from the Washington Post, who have mashed up Burns' famous style with the Galactic Civil War from Star Wars. The Galactic Civil War ripped apart families, pitting father against son. The heroes of the original Star Wars trilogy played a major.

He's even got his own filter called the "Ken Burns Effect." But what if Burns lived in the world of Star Wars? How would he document this terrible. Star Wars as a Ken Burns documentary. December 19th, A very nice short video from the Washington Post. (Scroll down linked page for video). I don't know if you've ever seen a Ken Burns documentary series, but they're freakin' amazing! I'm actually currently watching his doc series on.