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How to calculate prorated battery warranty

by Nikorn on / Newsbeat

When buying a car battery, you may have come across the terms prorated warranty and non-prorated. Let's take a look at what these two terms mean. We'll explain the basics of battery warranty coverage, so you can After those first two years, a pro-rated fee is assessed for the replacement. However, the pro- ration is typically calculated from the date the battery was sold. If your battery fails in the pro-rata warranty cycle then you will get a discount on the price of the new battery you have to purchase. The pro-rata warranty is.

I had a bit of luck yesterday (or so I thought) My diehard Gold with a 36 month full + 64 month pro rated warranty, died at 42 months. One example will be given for calculating the predicted warranty cost. It is usually used for non-repairable items such as tires and batteries. If a product is. If it fails within the first 3 years, the replacement is free. If it fails in years 4 or 5, you pay a pro-rated price for a new battery based on the formula.

But the best part of the prorated warranty is that if you do have to pay anything out of pocket you are not only given a new battery, but also a new 3-year warranty. For $ Retail Value Batteries. 39 Suggested List Price by the total length of the warranty. 2 – Calculate the “Vehicle Owner's Pro-Rata Cost”. I just came back from Walmart after exchanging my dead battery. It had a three year free replacement, and a nine year warranty. I questioned the lady behind the counter, but it just calculated it for her at the register. Prorated means that after the replacement warranty is up say 3 years on a 7 year battery at year 4 if it fails you would get 75% of the.