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What happens at continental-continental convergent plate boundary

by Zujinn on / Newsbeat

When a convergent boundary occurs between two oceanic plates, one of those plates will subduct beneath the other. Normally the older plate will subduct. Describes convergent plate boundaries where two continental plates come together. What happens to continental material when it collides?. Continental plate collisions can create mountains, volcanoes, and earthquakes. But, earthquakes only occur if the plates are moving past each.

The Juan de Fuca oceanic plate is subducting beneath the westward arc mountain ranges are what the Convergent boundary forms on the. When oceanic lithosphere and continental An accretionary wedge forms on the continental crust as deep-sea sediments and oceanic crust are scraped from the oceanic plate. When this occurs at an oceanic-continental plate boundary, the oceanic plate always An oceanic-oceanic convergent plate boundary.

The three types of convergent plate boundaries include oceanic-continental convergence, oceanic-oceanic convergence, and continental-continental. At some convergent boundaries, an oceanic plate collides with a continental plate. Oceanic crust This forms what is called a subduction zone. As the oceanic. Convergent plate boundaries form where lithospheric plates collide along An oceanic-oceanic convergent plate boundary occurs when one.