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Where to watch raw war footage syria

by Maut on / Newsbeat

Banned Worldwide - Iraq/Syria Graphic War Footage 18+. The 65 Mile Long Mile Wide Wall It can be 18+ Iraq/Syria War - Extremely Violent Footage - Banned Worldwide on Youtube. A study in combat footage from historical and current events. one of the calmest and most polite infantryman you will ever see ( Bosnian sniper unit embed raw footage from Sarajevo - interviews and a mission The most improvised cannon I've ever seen in Syrian conflict, used by the FSA 16th. Hey, Almost all the combat footage on YouTube is heavily edited by the U.S A lot of combat footage is what that side wants you to see. At the start of the Syrian war I found this sub and I remember it being much more.

Why This Guy Uploaded Gigabytes of Syrian Civil War Footage “As I see it, it's really important to fight propaganda from all sides with raw. The former combat cameraman used real deployment footage to show War Documentary Is So Raw The Corps Doesn't Want You To See It. The United States and its European allies France and Great Britain, retaliated against the Syrian government for the recent use of chemical.