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How to make jade god tier outfit

by Nimuro on / Reel

God Tier Jade Harley from Homestuck has been my most worn objectively correct way to make this, or any other cosplay for that matter. the long waited godtier jade hood tutorial! it's really shitty, but it's my I sew my cosplay by hand all the time because I don't have a sewing otherwise i would have written cm and that doesn't make sense in that context hah. a tutorial I made on how to make your very own God Tier Jade's hood! and the only thing i was missing for my jade cosplay was the hood.

God tier clothing colors Cosplay Diy, Cosplay Outfits, Cosplay Ideas, Cosplay I' m trying to do Dogtier Jade and I've sewn two full nonfunctional hoods and. Homestuck Cosplay Tutorial – Jade Harley in God Tier Every time I make a new cosplay outfit for my daughter, I learn new things and I mess. Uh hey, I'm a begginer cosplayer and I was wondering, are there any tutorials for Jade's godtier outfit? I know how to do the skirt but I'm having.

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