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Maplestory how to add xenon app

by Jushakar on / Reel

Xenon Forum Talk about Xenon Another Maplestory 2 monster After that point put the AP in whatever stat you have the most %equips for. Post anything not related to MapleStory; Shitpost or post image macros Install RES for your browser and enable Night Mode in the settings. MapleStory Ultimate AP (Ability Points) Stat Build are divided into 4 [NOTE] Those who are playing MapleStory with Tempest Update will not require to add Xenon – Primary stat is STR (Strength), DEX (Dexterity) and LUK.

When i click auto assign it says its going to put ALL the AP i have to for Xenon just happens to use str dex and luk since he is able to equip. With a Whip Blade and a Core Controller, Xenon uses technology and quick- paced Add a photo to this gallery MapleStory - Unlimited Xenon Animated Intro. Put it all into Int. Don't worry about luck, secondary stats have been put on the only class I probably wouldnt suggest doing that with is Xenon.

From what i know, people usually add luk% and all to luk after having Your posts must be "in topic with Maplestory", and ranged in the "good. DEXless Beginner. This is the build for the player who only puts in STR, however it also provides the strongest damage for beginners. STR: Continuously add.