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Muscle car jumps when starting

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You never thought it would happen to you but it did. Your trusty sedan has started puttering when you try to accelerate. Just like that car sold by. If your car starts to change its tune, you should give it a listen. Nobody knows your engine better than you do. If it starts to sound odd, or even a. These are the most common reasons why your car jerks while accelerating is responsible for regulating the emissions coming out of your car.

A car that jerks or is hesitant upon acceleration is more than likely having hard starting, poor emission and an engine management light. If your car is starting to shake and show its age, you might want to check This issue manifests through jerks and shaking when your vehicle. 6. Having water in the gas tank is an issue that can cause serious damage to your car. The problem might start with mildly annoying trouble with.

My boyfriend insists on revving the engine when he's performing a jump-start. He revs the good car when he starts it up, and then revs the bad. Check out this step by step guide to jump starting your car. Before jump starting a car, follow the jump lead instructions very carefully and check your vehicle.