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What is nugent hopkins curve

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Easton: (E3) Hall / Sakic. Bauer: (P92) Ovechkin / Backstrom). CCM Ribcore and Speedburner: (P87A) Crosby. CCM Tack: (P19) (Nugent-Hopkins). Curve - Big. If your looking for one like you just had, but you can't find it in the player (Ex. Nugent-Hopkins), or pattern number (P19), or even the brand (Reebok is done) than. Pros: This curve is great for stick handling and for shooting. Equivalents: CCM P29 “Crosby” (formerly “Nugent-Hopkins” or Reebok P87A “Crosby”), Easton E3 .

I started playing earlier this year (love it!) and have been playing with a crappy wooden CCM stick we the Nuge blade. I really like it but my. Easton: (E3) Hall Formally: Sakic, P3. Bauer: (P92) Ovechkin Formally: Backstrom, Naslund. CCM: (P29) Crosby Formally: (P19) Nugent- Hopkins, Ovechkin. But I do like the P19 - it's less open than the W03 and E3 while maintaining a similar depth of curve. Slightly less depth than the P88 which I.

@CCMHockey What is the Nugent-Hopkins curve on the RBZ similar to a The Nugent-Hopkins curve is the same as the Crosby, Hall and Backstrom curves. While shopping online to buy a hockey stick, it is important to choose the right curve. It is not as easy to compare 2 curves on a website than in a. It appears CCM has gotten rid of the P19 Nugent Hopkins curve and replaced it with a P29 Crosby. I tried out the P29 and I am not a fan of it.