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Where is palais ideal du facteur cheval

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Cheval began the building in April up stones during his daily mail round and carried them home to build the Palais idéal. Discover Le Palais Idéal in Hauterives, France: This whimsical castle of grottoes Ferdinand Cheval (), a French postman, began work on his dream. April During one of his rounds, Ferdinand Cheval, rural postman, 43, stumbles against such an odd stone that it awakes a dream. Real self-taught, he .

Le Palais idéal Facteur Cheval se trouve au cœur du village de Hauterives, à proximité de la place de la Mairie. Il est construit dans un jardin luxuriant d' environ. Le Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval est le rêve d'un homme, piéton des postes, qui a concrétisé pierre à pierre après 33 ans de travail solitaire une œuvre unique. Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval. Oct 26, , AM. My husband has wanted to visit here for a while now so I wondering whether to take a trip over his.

Ferdinand Cheval was born in the small French village of Charmes in His parents died before he was out of his teens; he married early, and by the. A French postman created a palace out of rocks he collected for 33 years. Today, the Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval in France is a. Like a castle an a jungle, the “Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval” in Drôme. (c) Emmanuel Georges. So what makes Hauterives so special? After all, there is a.