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Avelyn where to get

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However, the Avelyn has the advantage of firing off 3 times in quick pass through the very dark room where you can also find Power Within. How to Get / Where to Find the Avelyn. The Duke's Archives This repeating crossbow is found in a chest on top of a bookshelf. There are three. For Dark Souls on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " how to get "avelyn": made easy".

Is the Belltower Spirit the only place to get the crossbow? If so, I'm already screwed lol. What is the drop-rate for that thing? And while I'm. The chest is at the top of a bookshelf, accessible by dropping from a moving staircase. + Show methods to get the Avelyn. - Hide methods to get. There is a way to get Avelyn without moving off the staircase. When a save is loaded, the game will not put the player on any piece of environment that can move.