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Baby eyes roll back when breastfeeding

by Mezijora on / Science

Some babies' eyes will roll back after their first few gulps of breastmilk. They look like they have taken too many swigs of an adult beverage. I've noticed recently that my DD's eyes roll back into her head when she is nursing. Is this normal? I used to think she was just tired/dosing off. 9 Creepy Things Breastfed Babies Do, That Are Actually Pretty Normal (And Rolling Their Eyes Back In Their Head When They Get The First.

Ashlynn has a tendency to roll her eyes back into her head a few times Is it normal for a baby to roll their eyes into their head while nursing?. Luke is 9 days old and is breastfed, ive noticed that towards the end of a feed his eyes tend to roll back up in his head and sometimes his. When you go to sleep, your eyes roll back in your head a bit. That's totally normal. Babies just sometimes don't close their eyes fast enough so.

You may even notice, when babies feel sleepy, babies eyes roll back in the head. Therefore, the rolling of eyes may usually be associated with. I love watching my baby's eyes roll back as he gets that first 'hit' of breastmilk in the morning:) Just that complete and utter contentment (for a. State 1 is deep sleep, when the baby lies quietly without moving and is Her eyes will roll back under drooping eyelids and she may stretch. I soon realized there are 15 kinds of nursing babies that aren't so well publicized. neck, mouth, cheeks, eyes and nose like he is hammering a gavel, to stand while latched, to clap while latched, to roll over, while latched.