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How to get gum off your ipad

by Teshicage on / Science

I solved the problem of removing chewing gum from the iPad2 screen. 1. Get a microfiber towel. Gum disappears very quickly. Because of the special coating on the glass of the iPad, I found only two suggestions and both. Do you need to remove gum from a smartphone screen? Last night was definitely a first, though, as someone (who has requested to remain anonymous) managed to stick their iPhone in a pocket with a piece of used chewing gum. The result was a sticky mess all over the iPhone screen, but. Removing chewing gum from an LCD TV screen is not going to be easy. If you have already tried what the manufacturer recommends or your TV is out of.

Rub the gum with ice. Place a piece of ice in a sealable plastic bag to avoid any water damage caused by drips from the ice. Take a piece of ice and slowly rub. A suggestion came from the preservation department at an American university where they have successfully removed gum from the pages of. Pls don't put turpentine or razor blades or magic erasers on a glass screen! Oil will work, whether eucalyptus oil, olive oil, or good old-fashioned WD, on gum .

Hello Craig, and all the other techs that google "the best way to remove iPad glue ". I have repaired hundreds of iPad screens, from 1st to Air. These tips will help you remove chewing gum from household surfaces. If you' re struggling with chewing gum removal, or even getting rid of residual chewing. Baby oil. But SMALL amounts. You just want to dab it on the gum spots themselves. Let it sit for a few minutes to break up the gum and just wipe.