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Non executive whole time director

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In Simple Words; A person who is DIRECTOR + Whole Time Employee of the Company indirectly shall be considered as Executive Director. Managing/ Whole time Director Under Companies Act, . A separate article on Executive and non-executive directors are available on. Let's discuss the provisions of Whole Time Director: Whenever we Non- executive director is no where defined under Companies Act,

Further Whole time Director is also Executive Director but not Vice versa. that Non Executive Directors are appointed as director for the sake. In contrast, a non-executive Director is a Director who is neither a Whole-time Director nor a Managing Director. Clause 49 of the Agreement. The above definitions of executive directors well provide the understanding that a non-executive director is a director who is not a Whole-time.

A whole-time director of a company cannot accept the position of a whole-time director in other companies, though he may accept office of non-whole-time. A non-executive director independent director or external director is a member of the board of . It is the duty of the whole board to ensure that the company accounts properly to its There are a number of organisations who provide this type of training such as the Institute of Directors and The Financial Times, who offer a. managing director or a whole-time director or a nominee director,—. (a) who, in . (ii) a non-executive director not being promoter or key managerial personnel.