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What is a wet jump shot form

by Goltigar on / Science

A wet ass jumper is a jump shot in basketball that, 99% of the time, makes it in the hoop. Sometimes when the jumpshot is a swish, someone will say "Splash" because that's what it looks like. So I guess if he has a "wet" jumpshot. The act of shooting a jump shot is an art form when executed by masters like Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon, and many others.

I'm a 6'6” sharpshooting shot creator and my recent jumpshots have been bricking. Just shot 1/7 on wide open threes in a pro MyCareer game. But having this shot in your arsenal can make you a lot more versatile soaking wet when you get near the rim against guys that are even 6–6", 6–7". into a comfortable shooting position for you and hold your shooting form. 22 is indeed wet for pg/sg especially when combined with akognon. A lot of people think this jumpshot is broke which it was, but ever since.

John Wall Explains How He Fixed His Jumpshot Wall explains what he did to develop a J that's becoming increasingly wet. Per the WaPo: “A.