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991 launch control how to

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Launch Control is designed to be used in a controlled environment on closed circuit driving courses where no vehicle cross traffic or pedestrian traffic is present. Once you have enabled PDK tuning on your COBB Tuned Porsche, you will have the ability to use launch control on both Sport Chrono and non-Sport Chrono. The Porsche sports car with the PDK automatic transmission combined with the Sport Chrono package offers the option of using a launch control. Launch.

- Launch Control - Has anyone used the Launch Control on the ? I tried it for the first time today, and it didn't do what I expected. Still haven't used it in my gen2 C2S Do any of you use launch control and if so is there any advice on limiting its use? Thanks!. Most cars have launch control, but can you really use it?.

second mph runs in a car that weighs over kg? It can only be the Porsche Turbo S's launch control function. ABOVE: With the Cabrio, Porsche flattened the rear cowl, giving a After a half-dozen flawless Launch Control blasts, I had to celebrate a. But we're driving Porsche's new Turbo S, a hp, Activate launch control at a stoplight, and the S erupts off the line like a five-year-old.