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Actor who plays colonel sanders kfc actor

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Every person who's played Colonel Sanders in a KFC ad . The famously tanned actor portrayed the “extra crispy Colonel” to promote KFC's. The name “Colonel Sanders” is one of those nom de plumes that carries a particularly strong connotation of folksy Americana, an immediate. KFC has a new Colonel Sanders — and it's George Costanza. KFC's newest Colonel Sanders is Jason Alexander, the actor and comedian. Alexander, best known for playing George Costanza on Seinfeld, is the latest of a long list of celebrities — including Billy Zane, Darrell Hammond.

Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders is known all over the world, and the fast food giant is doing its best to remind us of his enduring spirit. Less than a year after KFC announced the first female Colonel Sanders, a new actor will be donning the famed goatee and bow tie. Hamilton rejoins KFC to help the chain launch its newest menu item, the The actors Hamilton speaks of include Ray Liotta, Reba McEntire, Rob Lowe, But because Hamilton is now back in the saddle as Sanders, The.

I also worked as a KFC cook in I was also the very first actor featured to play Colonel Sanders in a TV commercial in for the annual Video Game. KFC has a new colonel: Jason Alexander, the actor who played George Costanza in the hit sitcom, Seinfeld. Alexander is the latest in a string of. He's barely recognizable as the new Colonel. Jason Alexander may be most famous for playing George Costanza on Seinfeld in the 90's, but.