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How to enter current date in word

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You can insert the current date, or the date and time, into a Word document, To edit the date, click the gray box, type a new date, and then click outside the box. If all else fails, latest Word as of 9/19/, enter the words Date and . The date code can easily be converted to a "hard date" (today's date). Word provides a couple of different ways to insert the current date in a non- changing date into your document, you should either just type it or.

In Microsoft Word , you can quickly insert the current date into the body of a document as well as into the header and footer. If you start preparing a letter. As you type the date in your document, Tooltips appear that predict what you're Click on the UPDATE button to change it to today's date. How to Insert Date and Time into Word Microsoft Office allows quickly insert the current date and time into the body of a document as well as into the.

Within the document, type the date you want displayed. Alternatively Word for Windows ( and ): Click the Insert tab. In the "Text". To insert a date picker which always shows the current date by default before or tap to enter a date selected in the Date picker, and click Insert > Date & Time. If you need to use current date or time stamp, Word provides two shortcut keys that do this for you.