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What is 10/9 central in mountain time

by Goltisho on / Video

Yes it's an hour earlier. I live in Eastern where it's pm, Central is pm and mountain is am. The 10/9c means that the show comes on at 10 in the Eastern time zone, and 9 in the central time zone. What does "8/7c" mean in TV show ads? I believe the usage stems from television broadcast times: e.g., 10/9c means the show airs at 10 Eastern, 9 central, and (by implication) 10PM in the Eastern time zone is the same time at 9PM in Central. and Central zones, but on a separate schedule in the Mountain and.

Time zone convert: Central Time (CST) to Mountain Time (MST/MDT). Prime time TV is 8pmpm on the East and west coasts, but it's 7pmpm in Central and Mountain. Part of the reason is that historically, when. In the Mountain Time Zone, though, some stations use the Eastern Zone approach The consensus seems to be "10 / 9 Central" means 10 Eastern and Pacific.

Central Standard Time and Mountain Standard Time Converter Calculator, CST and MST Conversion Table. If it says 10/9 central, that means the show is on at 10 eastern time which is the same as 9 central time. 10 eastern would also be 8 mountain. Mountain time kind of goes both ways, though, as I understand it. . 9 Pacific 8 central, on mondays, that would be prison break on fox. The reason Eastern Time is commonly omitted and "Central Time" / "c" is Mountain Time and Pacific viewers can and often are scheduled for.